When I started to think about what title would best fit my new blog, I was stuck. I couldn't find anything that really translated the state of my mind. I wanted it to be short but also communicative. Something, that when you read it you already have an idea of what kind of content you can find on this blog. Still nothing on my mind...

In the meanwhile, my old blog hosted on Codedistillers crashed. Anyway, I had almost no activity in blogging in 2014 because of my side project RocketCv which I wrote partly in F# in 2013 and 2014 and because of some personal reasons that happened at that time. I blogged a little a while back about F# but I was just on my learning curve at the time (I'm still on but a little bit higher).

I run also F# and Domain Driven Design communities in Paris. We're actively looking for people willing to come and speak in Paris for both F# and DDD. However, on behalf of F# group I take this opportunity to thank Mathias Brandewinder, a really great guy, that put a lot of his free time for the Paris F# community, even if he lives in San Francisco. Our local F# ninjas Robert Pickering and Jéremie Chassaing are involved too. The whole F# community is very involved in fact. Phil Trelford gave me a chance to make an anouncement at the last London Functional Tutorials in London and now it seems that we start to collect the benefits ! A special guest from London, Isaac is going to come and speak very soon in Paris. We've already annonced his talk. Big thanks ! We will also host Ricardo Terell from US in April. I'll make an official announcement very soon but the topic is very interesting ! So, if you would like to meet the community and speak, or if you're just nearby and would like to meet up for beers, just ping me.

Who I am and what I'm doing now ? I'm still working on RocketCv stuff and I'm moving all the parts to F# as I found that this is more productive from what I've already known with C#. And because I love this language. This is where my free time goes. So no big OSS involvement right now to my big deception but we all have only 24h per day... Some talks on Brown Bag Lunches from time to time and on the daily basis, I work for an investment bank in the Forex field, trying to push everybody on the team to switch to F# but it's not easy...More on that in the future blog post.

But the time has come to start blogging again and I'm really excited about it. The content will mainly be about functional programming. I also started to learn Haskell and Clojure to complete my knowledge gained from F# learning. But some other content about software architecture, domain driven design and craftsmanship may come up. It depends on the mood of the day.

Where we were ? Ah, yeas, moving to the new blog. So yes, moving to the new blog means nowadays going to github pages and this is what I did. As the blog generator I've chosen without any hesitation an F# project contribution which is FsBlog. I'll blog a little bit about it. My brother Maciej made the layout theme and the last thing is just to find a right title...

When suddenly an idea came to mind mind... What is F# ? It's no more or less a SNR (Signal Noise Ratio) reducer. I heard this idea several times from different people but it describes very well of what F# really is even if F# is much more in fact. So let the title be :

Improve signal, reduce noise = use F#